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Breaking the hold of poverty is impossible when dependent people simply rely on the assistance of others, failing to find the motivation, confidence, and skills to solve problems on their own. This session presents ways of breaking the cycle of poverty in developing countries by empowering citizens to create and manage their own sustainable economies. Panelists will outline how community members who rely too heavily on outside influences such as government agencies and non-governmental organizations relinquish control of their resources and, more importantly, their future. This session primarily targets participants from the developing regions who often have resources available, but not the skills, knowledge, confidence, or experience to use them to benefit their economies.

Moderator: Dr. Michael J. Lenaghan Chair of Teaching Excellence Professor, Miami Dade College, United States

  • Mr. Victor Almonte Diaz Specialist in Community Development and International Cooperation, World Vision, World Bank, International Plan, IDB Youth
  • Mr. Joan Alberto Mateo Sánchez Director, Service For Peace -Dominican Republic
  • Dr. Waldo Brea President, Partners of the Americas – Dominican Republic