When typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines on November 18, 2013, the disaster affected 12 million people. At first, the devastation of the typhoon was the main story but then the media began to report on how communities were starting to respond. Resilient communities anticipate risk, limit a disaster’s disruption of everyday life and the local economy, and bounce back rapidly. This session will highlight ways that communities achieve a strong foundation of basic skills and mind-sets that support resilience, and identify the necessary actions to improve overall community resilience through education.  

Moderator: Dr. Michael J. Lenaghan Chair of Teaching Excellence Professor, Miami Dade College, United States

  • H.E. Álvaro Colom Former President of Guatemala
  • Mr. Victor Almonte Diaz Specialist in Community Development and International Cooperation, World Vision, World Bank, International Plan, IDB Youth
  • Mr. Joan Alberto Mateo Sánchez Director, Service For Peace – Dominican Republic
  • Mr. Waldo Brea President, Partners of the Americas – Dominican Republic
  • Mr. Rigoberto Zarza Consultant, International Foundation for Electoral Systems
  • Ms. Margaret Delmont Sánchez CEO, Zambrano Foundation