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Many nations have enhanced their economic development through regional approaches that leverage their strategic location. Paraguay is at a critical juncture to realize its potential as the hub of South America. Through meaningful partnerships and strategic planning, along with bold policies and infrastructure investments, Paraguay can not only overcome many superficial limitations of economic development but also turn those weaknesses into strengths. This session will discuss how to use these types of initiatives for national transformation.

Moderator: Dr. Juan Francisco Facetti Former Minister of Environment; Founding Member, IDPPS Paraguay

  • Mr. Ilho Chung Specialist in Infrastructure Development, Korea Research Institute of Human Settlements
  • H.E. Alvaro Colom Former President of Guatemala
  • H.E. Luis Alberto Lacalle Former President of Uruguay
  • H.E. Juan Carlos Wasmosy Former President of Paraguay
  • Hon. Nelson Marquezelli 6 term National Congressman, Brazil