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Universal principles and shared values, along with political, civic and business leaders who embody such values, must undergird a nation’s policies and direction in order for there to be sustainable and vibrant economic growth and prosperity. National economic policies and agendas should promote and protect such values, and promote an environment
which will ensure growth and broad access to resources and opportunities. Panelists will discuss how these values affect national development and cooperation between the government and civil society.

Moderator: Mr. Dionisio Coronel Advisor to the President of the Board of the Central Bank of Paraguay; Founding Member of

  • H.E. Vincio Cerezo Former President of Guatemala
  • H.E. Nicolas Ardito Barletta Former President of Panama
  • Mr. Scot Faulkner Former Chief Administrative Office, U.S. Congress; Advisor on Economic Development
  • Mr. Anthony Kim Senior Policy Analyst for Economic Freedom, Heritage Foundation
  • Mr. Carlos Walde Ex-Minister and Advisor for Economic Affairs; Government Liaison with IMF and World Bank