Reflecting on the First Global Exchange-Community Change Program

Eric Olsen
March 5, 2014

“The Global Exchange–Community Change Program (GECC) – in the community of Jardins do Cerrado aims to revitalize the area surrounding a newly built apartment complex for people who have relocated from underprivileged areas within the city. Residents, local supporters and volunteers from Peru, Uruguay, Panama, Costa Rica, Egypt, and China are coming together to transform the community through participation in environmental projects, educational initiatives, community service and other activities.”

Global Exchange-Community Change Program concluded its first exchange.  Both the volunteers and community members were greatly impacted by the experience.  The students, parents, and educators are all reinvigorated to bring about future change and development to their community.  

Take a look at what everyone said about their time together!


More of what people are saying:

  • “Because of GPF’s presence  in one of the host families, a son came back to stay with his mother in the community, from his grandparents home located in the city center, so that he could learn more about other countries culture and improve his English.” – Community Mother
  • “Next month we will start the collective vegetable gardens, in the schools areas, cooperation with the teachers of science and geography. A local university students of environmental engineering will start a laboratory to teach sustainability and help families, to start a vegetable gardens in their homes back yard.” – CCI and GECC Director
  • “Students were so stimulated by the international volunteers speaking in English that now we have to add 3 more English class programs, in the school, with the support of the international volunteers, and the parents of the children.” -Teacher 

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