Prof. Leah T. Marangu Speaks at Closing Plenary during Global Peace Convention Kuala Lumpur 2013

Global Peace Foundation
June 30, 2014

With an introduction from GPF President, Mr. James Flynn, Professor Leah T. Marangu, the Vice-Chancellor of Africa Nazarene University in the Republic of Kenya, speaks at the 2013 GPC Closing Plenary in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

This session will present summations of key working groups and outline strategies for an effective and sustained action agenda for regional and global peace and development.

GPF’s annual Global Peace Convention is a preeminent, world-level platform to share best practices and develop collaborative strategies in areas of education, health care, environmental sustainability, community-driven development, and conflict resolution, guided by a vision of One Family under God. Dr. Hyun Jin Moon is the founder and chairman of the Global Peace Foundation.

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