Peace Education Reaches Thousands in Nepal’s Mid-Western Development Region

Bambie Panta
February 12, 2013

Surket, Nepal, the regional center of Nepal’s Mid-Western Development region.

Surkhet, Nepal Surkhet is a regional center of Nepal’s Mid-Western Development region, approximately 400 kilometers west of Nepal’s capital of Kathmandu. It is also a hub for many people who have migrated from more remote districts because of political unrest and insurgency movements.

To promote peace among this population, Global Peace Association Nepal is educating thousands of students on peace building, volunteerism and leadership in area schools.

“Today’s students are tomorrow’s future and need to learn this kind of information,” said one school administrator, Ms. Bhumisara Chapai, Principal of Vhairab Higher Secondary School. “If the students are on the wrong paths I cannot imagine the future of our country.”

In addition to class instruction, GPA Nepal is establishing Global Peace Volunteers Clubs in each school. So far, 19 schools have established clubs, which do service work in their schools and communities, while raising funds for future projects.

Ms. Sumitra Ghimire, GPA Nepal, Surkhet, Mid-Western Development Region’s Coordinator, educates students in the region

“I am thankful to GPA Nepal for beginning such a program and establishing a Global Peace Volunteers Club in our school,” Ms. Chapai  said. “I will fully support this program because it is developing the leadership qualities of the students. So to get the students on the right path they need to know such education and we should inspire them.” 

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