Passion for the Development of Latin America

Eric Olsen
July 2, 2013

Joe Yakawich (right) with former President Alvaro Colom of Guatemala.

The recent “Governance, Ethics and Development; Reflections about the Future of Latin America” conference was an experience university student from Montana, Joe Yakawich, described as “astounding.” Dignitaries, former military leaders, former and current politicians, local leaders, citizens as well as Korean business leaders and press were in one place connected by a shared purpose: the continued development and success of the region of Latin America.

The up-close encounters with high-leveled leaders with such “passion and compassion” left a lasting impact on Joe.  The leaders discussed the strengths and weaknesses of current and past policy constructively.  They expressed great pride in their own countries but more impressively, their respect and love for other leaders and other countries and their desire to work together to bring progress collectively for Latin America.

Joe was honored to speak with former President Alvaro Colom of Guatemala. He was excited to witness “his [President Colom’s] earnest desire to steer the future in the right direction for the youth of South America.” Joe was left with the impression and hope that, “great things are happening here and only more is on its way.”

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