Passing the Torch from Korea to Atlanta

Eric Olsen
December 5, 2012

Rebecca “Winnie” Washington recalls how proud she was when Senator Emanuel Jones received the flag at the Global Peace Convention 2011 in Seoul, Korea. “When it was announced that the GPC was coming to Atlanta, I was so excited. I just wanted to give everyone the best experience, because y’all were coming to my home.”

Left: Eldridge Washington and Right: his sister Winnie Washington hosted the GPC in their hometown of Atlanta.


And Winnie and her brother Eldridge did pour out their heart and soul into the convention. The brother-sister team called friends and colleagues up until the last minute to recruit as volunteers. And during the four day convention, they worked from early morning to late at night. Day one they were facilitators at the Leadership Academy site visit. Day two, they helped organize the Celebration of Global Youth Leaders. And throughout the convention, they diligently served as part of the Social Media team, leaving an indelible mark on the internet of the convention proceedings.

“I may not have been the celebrity that I was in Korea. Everyone thought I was Beyonce and wanted to take my picture. But this was the best convention yet. It has changed my life,” Winnie expressed at the volunteer dinner. “I want to thank Global Peace Foundation for letting me a part of this, and being the host this year.”

As we look towards Malaysia, we want to thank Atlanta for serving up a big helping of southern hospitality.

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