Partnership with Local University Opens Opportunities for Real Impact

Global Peace Foundation
October 24, 2014

Goania, Brazil | A growing partnership with Global Peace Foundation Brazil and the faculty of International Relations at PUC (Pontifícia Universidade Católica) is providing opportunities for real-world applications that are bringing the classroom theory to life. 

A capacity building forum training session was held at PUC.

A student of the program personally thanked GPF for enhancing the program.

…. I want to personally thank you for having so much interest in our university and providing such thought-provoking presentations, lectures and activities. Ever since your first lecture at PUC, I have to say students here have been participating more, and honestly they’re looking forward to your future presentations….

The first joint program began in April ran through May. PUC and GPF hosted a “Leadership Capacity Building” lecture series that gave students and faculty at PUC up-close exposure to local and international social issues and presented some of GPF’s innovative, value-based approaches.

PUC students work together with volunteers from AIESEC towards GE-CC projects.

The sessions were:

PUC students work together with volunteers from AIESEC
towards GE-CC projects.

  • “Capacity Building and Youth Empowerment”
  • “International Cooperation in Building up the Third Sector and Social Business“
  • “Character Creativity Initiative”
  • “Global Exchange – Community Change”
  • “Sustainability in a Global World”

The Capacity Building forums were followed by training and planning meetings that linked interested university students and faculty with GPF-Brazil’s signature community-development project in Goiania, Global Exchange-Community Change (GE-CC).

GPF-Brazil’s signature community-development project, Global Exchange-Community Change.

From May to July, PUC students worked side by side with international student volunteers from AIESEC who have worked with local community volunteers to drive the GE-CC project. The three months produced a variety of creative projects like an international community bazaar, a fundraiser to support the growing women’s cooperative, and a GPF-hosted entrepreneurship project.

The semester started with a mini-course on peace-building from August and September focused on the ongoing tensions in the Middle East, outlining the historic roots of the conflict and delving into the cultural and religious nuances of the nations involved.

The ongoing programs and projects have resulted in three working groups composed of students, professors, faculties, and GPF representatives focused on long-term issues that they would like to address.

  • “Historical Background and the roots of conflict”
  • “Palestine/Israel”
  • “Lebanon”

A peacebuilding lecture series included topics based on understanding the Middle East.

1) Best educational practices in Brazil, based upon the methodology of the GPEducation program “Character and Creativity Initiative” (CCI)

2) Research on historical, social, political and religious background of Brazil, in cooperation with the Martin Luther King Center, in preparation of launching a pilot project on the culture of peace in Brazil

3) Resource development: Searching for education grants, scholarships, internships, and academic development

A delegation is also set to present at the Global Peace Convention 2014. Presenters include CCI “Character and Creativity Initiative” Brazil Director, Prof. Clessio Bastos, the support provided by the business sector, presented by the CCI sponsor Mr. Douglas Bucalem, the university academic engagement presented by Prof.  Danillo Alarcon, of the PUC faculty of international relations and the general overview presented by the GPF Brazil President and business woman, Prof. Lena Macedo.

The Character and Creavitiy Initiative working group.

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