Participants of International Multifaith Youth Assembly in Jakarta make Peace Declaration

September 13, 2014

At the close of the International Multifaith Youth Assembly, participating youth and interfaith leaders made the following Peace Declaration in front of the National Monument of Indonesia. The three-day program brought youth faith leaders from around the ASEAN region to harness the power of youth to create a culture of peace.

Peace Declaration:

We, the active youth participants of International Multifaith Youth Assembly 2014, Jakarta, Indonesia, firmly stand with our commitment to strengthen respect, trust, tolerance, and cooperation among the people of Asia Pacific and other countries with the diverse culture and religion. We strongly recommend:

  1. To promote equality and peace from ASEAN to the world that is in line with the principles and values of human rights and dignity, justice and freedom in all aspects of our lives;
  2. That governments should include peace dialogues within their local education system to allow youths to have a global mindset;
  3. That relevant authorities to allow young generation to express their ideas and be actively involved in terms of decision-making and consultation process
  4. That government should disseminate the aspect of harmony and morality through the media;
  5. That society to provide a platform of peace by starting with family education about interfaith, respect, and implement them in social daily activities.

By promoting equality, peace, and human rights through dialogue and media, accelerating the value of religion and cross cultural understanding towards achieving global peace and human development. May God Bless us.

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