Paraguay Women Awarded for Bold Leadership

Eric Olsen
May 12, 2015

Asunción, Paraguay |

Mrs. Cristina Field, regional representative of Global Peace Women awarding María Dolores Galli de Florentín, President of the Santa Lucía Association

Global Peace Foundation’s Women Division honored nine women for their bold leadership in areas of education, social service, culture and faith-based social action at the seventh annual Awards Ceremony, “Women Living for the Sake of Others,” in Asunción on April 28, 2015. Four hundred and fifty people including parliamentarians, ministers and other government officials gathered in Paraguay’s National Congress for the event that not only raises awareness of individual lives of service, but also encourages others to develop and utilize their abilities to foster a more peaceful and prosperous society. 

Dona Maria Ester Jimenez at 7th Living for the Sake of Others Awards
Dona Maria Ester Jimenez, National President of the
Global Peace Foundation Women Paraguay.

In welcoming remarks, Dona Maria Ester Jimenez, National President of the Global Peace Foundation Women Paraguay, stressed that “2015 is critical for women, because the UN members are in full discussion of what could be the most important negotiations in history for women’s rights: the adoption of sustainable development goals.”

Soonok Kang at 7th Living for the Sake of Ohers Awards
Dr. Soon Ok Kang – Global Peace Women Secretary General 
delivers congratulatory remarks on behalf of Dr. Jun Sook 
Moon, Chairwoman of GPW.

The critical role women play in peace building around the world in the twenty-first century was stressed throughout the event. “Current research by numerous neuroscientists, psychologists, and sociologists support the conclusion that, in general, women have a greater capacity for empathy, compassion and the understanding of others’ hearts,” said Dr. Soonok Kang, General Secretary for GPW International on behalf of Chairwoman Junsook Moon. “These qualities motivate women to aid in reconciliation and find resourceful, innovative ways to support the overall well-being of their families, the wider community and the world. These qualities foster the culture of living for the sake of others, which is essential to building world peace.” 

Packed Bicameral Hall celebrates the women
honorees at the “Living for the Sake of Others”
Awards Ceremony.

Since 2009, Global Peace Women has been actively transforming communities through hosting workshops, forums and social service projects. Their work strengthens women’s central role in cultivating families and social, political, cultural and economic development. The Division continues to gain traction as last year over 1,000 women gathered for the International Women’s Plenary held during the Global Peace Convention in Asunción.

The annual event was supported by the Paraguay National Congress, Army Academy, National Police, Music Academy, and Asunción City Hall among others.

At the close of the “Living For the Sake of Others” ceremony organizers thanked each of those present and invited participants to share a toast in the Hall of Congress and watch the Folkloric Ballet Band of the Municipality of Asuncion.


María Evangelista Troche Soler de Gallegos

President of the Town Women Network in Paraguay and Town Councilor to Asunción. Former Mayor of Asunción and journalist.

Eusebia María del Carmen Benitez Díaz

Ybycuí Town Mayor, IX Paraguarí state.

María Dolores Galli de Florentín

Santa Lucía Association President

Maria Eliza G. de Samaniego

Corazones Solidarios Foundation President

Mirna Orrego de Segovia

Social Action Volunteer to the Indigenous Communities of Carmelo Peralta District, Alto Paraguay.

Sister Amelia Fernández García

Burdeos Sacred Family Religious Congregation

Maria Juana Guainer de Carema

Boquerón Estate Guaraní Indigenous

Feliciana Estela Acosta de Riquelme

Club los Leones President Asunción Kaaguy – Rory

Gloria Concepción Criccione Pineda

(Gloria de Paraguay) Singer 

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