Pamela C. De Guzman Global Peace Women Leadership Conference 2014

Global Peace Foundation
October 15, 2014


My topic is about the fundamental aspects of family life and the role of women in the family and in society.

The family is the basic unit of society and it looks after the interest of all its members, as individuals as well as collectively.

So the role of the family are:

  • To struggle as a family to survive
  • To protect and support mother and children until children become mature and independent adults capable of providing for themselves.
  • To provide a good standard of living and life of high quality which includes struggling against oppression and exploitation and sometimes one has to fight to preserve a good way of life.
  • To serve the interest of, and to support, each member of the family. In turn, each member of the family supports the family.

This gives strength to each other in the struggle for daily bread, security and happiness.

  • The woman is the family treasurer and support educational needs of the children.

There is a genetic difference between men and women. It is the woman who bear the child and who need protecting and looking after. While bearing the child and after childbirth. There are close emotional bonds between mother and child. Care, concern, affection and love. Feeling and emotions, women developed such skills and expertise and generally men who struggle outside the family to secure survival and good living for the family.

It is the woman’s role to provide the young, emotionally and mentally stimulating environment to enable them to mature into socially responsible adults. She is assisted by her spouse depending on her needs and on his work. But it is usually the woman who copes with the personal and emotional problem of the family member and this is challenging.

Teamwork within the family implies sharing work and responsibilities in a way which ensures that all has to be done is done well.

Success is measured by social and mental wellbeing. Standard of living and quality of life. Both spouses work for the benefit of the family. Of each individual member and for the larger community of which the family is a part.

The individual skills, ability, knowledge and experience shall be shared equally in the family’s gain and losses. They should not waste time competing with each other. Cooperation between men and women within the family would seem to be essential when bringing up children under modern condition of rapid change. When one member of the family dominates each other. Then competition, conflict and struggle replace cooperation and teamwork, dominance weaken family members and suffer.

In closing, the work women do in the family and society determines individual emotional strength and well-being, the quality of life and the welfare of people as a community and needs to be recognize and acknowledge.

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