Northwest Dharma Association Covers Account of Seattle Woman’s Efforts in Nepal After Tragic Earthquake

Global Peace Foundation
March 22, 2016

The earthquake that hit Nepal in April of 2015 left over two million people displaced. Many of those without homes currently reside in temporary shelters with limited resources.

Former Peace Corps Volunteer, Susan Alotrico, gives her personal account of aiding Nepalese through being a teacher for Healing Arts, a trauma relief program for children, and bringing together American volunteers and funds to support the Rise Nepal relief program. Rise Nepal builds transitional shelters and provides aid through the support of the Global Peace Foundation and other members of the Asia-Pacific Peace and Development Service Alliance.

Alotrico recalls, “A Tibetan monk grieved in the post office, as he told me of people who died at his monastery. I could only listen to his story through his tears. Holding the sadness of people through presence and deep listening showed me how just being was enough. There was also an urgency to do whatever I could to help.”

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