North Korean Youtuber Reacts to One Dream One Korea Music Video

Jinhoon Lee
September 28, 2020

For what reasons would one wish for the unification of Korea? For Nara Kang, a North Korean defector and now an established Youtuber, unification is an event that would bring back her home and families. “When Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) comes, everyone goes back to their hometown to see their families and relatives… But I cannot go to my hometown to see my family. And that makes my heartache.”

In the video, Nara was introduced to the One Dream One Korea song, a project of the One K Global Campaign that was created to foster support for unification. A total of 28 Korean artists and political leaders, including the current South Korean President Moon Jae-in, took part in creating the song. Upon watching the video, Nara shared that despite it being her first time listening, the lyrics appealed to her deeply.

She was also shown a video of the farewell event of the Inter-Korean Summit of 2018, which at the time surprised many viewers around the globe as President Moon Jae-in and Supreme leader Kim Jong-un held hands together, standing side by side, and viewed the summary clip of the summit. On this day, the One Dream One Korea song echoed in the background to decorate this memorable event and invigorated hope for a peaceful Korea.

“I and my mom cried so much watching this together. And watching this again today, I can’t stop myself from crying.” Nara shared as she tried to hold back her tears.

To see the official music video of One Dream One Korea visit here.

To learn more about the One K Global Campaign visit here.

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