North Korean Youtuber Introduces One Dream One Korea Song

Jinhoon Lee
November 12, 2020

“It has been already 70 years since the outbreak of the Korean war, and yet, we are still divided,” Nara said solemnly as she watched the One Dream One Korea unification song on YontongTV’s YouTube channel.

Nara is a North Korean defector and now an established Youtuber in South Korea. She has her own channel where she shares different topics regarding North and South Korea. Last year, she listened and reacted to the One Dream One Korea music video for the first time, shedding tears for the tragedy facing the peninsula. This June, she made yet another appearance on Youtube to share her thoughts on the song. “I want to introduce One Dream One Korea song to the viewers,” she said.

“We were never different… We will meet again, one small step at a time.”

Upon listening, she shared that these lines of the song moved her deeply and made her feel that “we [North and South Koreans] are truly one people.”

Nara also spoke of the decline in the recent relationship between the North and South. “We are moving away from each other rather than getting closer,” she said, revealing her disappointment in the situation. However, she is far from losing hope. Instead, she proudly shared with viewers about her recent engagement with the One Korea Global Campaign by taking part in its new song, Korean Dream.

Korean Dream is a follow-up from the One Dream One Korea song and was released in March last year. Sixty-Eight Korean artists took part in this project, including Im Chang-jung and Astro.

“I sang the lines ‘one become one again,’” she shared in a hopeful tone. “I sang it with joy thinking that the day is truly near to see my father again.”

Closing the video, she said to viewers, “Unification will happen. I believe that one day we will travel freely between the North and South. I trust you in sharing the same faith.”

To see the official music video of One Dream One Korea visit here.
To see the official music video of our latest song Korean Dream, visit here.
To learn more about the One Korea Global Campaign visit here.

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