Nigerian News Outlets Feature GPF Nigeria Program for a Secure and Peaceful Abuja

Global Peace Foundation
June 27, 2024

The following excerpt is from an article by Luminous Jannamike for Vanguard Nigeria. Global Peace Foundation Nigeria hosted community leaders at a peacebuilding dialogue forum in Abuja to address the challenges of insecurity in Nigeria’s capital.

ABUJA – The Federal Government, in partnership with the Global Peace Foundation Nigeria (GPFN), has initiated a high-level effort to tackle the escalating insecurity in Abuja.

Two men sit next to each other in a conference room, engaged in discussion. One is wearing a white shirt with a lanyard, the other is in a traditional outfit and cap. Other attendees are in the background, reflecting the secure and peaceful atmosphere of Abuja as reported by Nigerian News.

Audience at the Abuja forum.

The security situation in the nation’s capital has worsened over the past year, with a surge in crimes such as ‘One Chance’ robbery, kidnapping, and violent extremism, necessitating immediate action from stakeholders.

The initiative, themed ‘Building a Secure and Peaceful Abuja: A Collective Responsibility’, brought together key stakeholders for a high-level dialogue at the Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR) Conference Hall on Tuesday, in Abuja.

The dialogue aimed to address the pressing issue of insecurity in the nation’s capital city and develop a unified action plan to tackle the security challenges.

Dr. Joseph Ochogwu, Director General/CEO of the Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR), emphasized the need for collective responsibility.

A man in a purple outfit speaks at a podium with microphones. A banner behind him reads,

Rev. John Joseph Hayab gives remarks at a peacebuilding dialogue forum in Abuja.

He highlighted the importance of addressing the root causes of insecurity, including poverty, unemployment, and social inequality.

Ochogwu said, “Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and the seat of power of Nigeria, is currently grappling with a concerning escalation in insecurity. In recent times, we have witnessed an alarming escalation in security incidents in Abuja.

“This surge in insecurity is not just a statistic; it is a reality that has touched the lives of our fellow citizens, disrupted peace, and challenged our sense of safety.

“Abuja’s safety is not just a government responsibility; it is our collective responsibility. We must look at the root causes of insecurity and address them holistically.”

Rev. John Joseph Hayab, Country Director of the Global Peace Foundation Nigeria (GPFN), stressed the importance of community engagement.

He emphasized the need for inclusivity and empowerment of community leaders to become agents of change.

“Sustainable peace cannot be achieved through a top-down approach but through the active participation of all sections of society. We need to empower our community leaders to take ownership of peacebuilding initiatives,” Hayab said.

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