Nepal’s Global Peace Volunteers Serve the Elderly at Center for the Aged

Eric Olsen
May 4, 2012

At the Center for the Aged, Global Peace Volunteers serve the elderly.

Global Peace Volunteers inspired by the three-day Peace Vision Education Seminar in Surkhet, Mid Western Region, in March designed a project to help a Center for the Aged in the area. Global Peace Volunteers raised NRs. 10,000 ($125) through the Power of One Rupee activity from students and teachers in two different colleges, and on April 25, 2012 hired an electrician to install wiring and fans, and connect electricity to the center.

The center serves 25 elderly as a day recreation center. Mr. Dammar Acharya, the founder, established the center to provide a place for seniors to gather and enjoy each other’s company through music, religious observances, and other social activities. The center depends on donations from individuals and organizations for its operation.

Volunteers later entertained the elderly with dancing and singing. After the program, one of the volunteers, Yakendra Jaishi said, “I feel fortunate and fulfilled after serving the elderly. Being a volunteer is the best experience in my life.”

Bhim Prasad Gautem, a 90-year-old man, also shared, “I am happy that there’s an organization working in educating the youth to become good and responsible persons. We should let all the youth of Nepal get the education as these volunteers here got. You have a great vision. I appreciate the good deeds that the volunteers have been doing to help our people and nation.”


The eldery give a blessing to volunteers at the center. Right: Volunteers collect donations at a local school.

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