Mr. Kyung-Eui (David) Yoo on the Northeast Asia Region, APPDSA Northeast Seoul Forum 2015

Global Peace Foundation
October 8, 2015

“The Role of Korea in Sustainable Development”
October 8th, 2015

Asia Pacific Peace and Development Service Alliance
North East Region Office

1. Necessity of the Northeast Asia Regional office

  • The northeast Asia region has seen the trends of easing political and military tensions due to China’s reformation, open-door policy, high degree economic growth, Russia’s reformation, open-door policy, military reduction near China and Russia’s border, etc. Also, the trends of regional security dialogue, in regional security cooperation has shown. As China’s emergence as the G2 nation various unstable elements such as containment between China-Russia’s strategic partnership cooperation and the US, containment between US-Japan alliance and China, conflict between the power nations China and Japan, North Korea’s nuclear and missile testing, provocation, co-existence of division of the Korean Peninsula and unstable peace, conflict and struggle around maritime sovereignty, conflict on historical issues etc
  • Therefore as the Northeast Asia region in the economic standpoint has shown exponential growth in trades due to China’s high economic growth, economic dependency between Korea and China, China and Japan, Korea and Japan have been greatly increased and deepened. However, struggle and conflict is continuously increasing in the political and security area.

– Includes Northeast Asia paradox

  • For peace in Asia through global development and cooperation, global cultural exchange, and human resource exchange with youth professionals in the Northeast Asia region, creating a culture of trust, culture of cooperation is needed not only for this region but also for global peace.

2. Key groups and tasks

(1) Regional Head Quarters

  • Honorary Chairman:
  • Chairman:
  • Secretary General:
  • Strategic Operations Committee:
  • Advisory Committee: Political, academia, NGO’s renowned figures from
  • different nations

(2) Committees

1) Culture Exchange Committee:

  • Various cultural exchange for mutual understanding
  • Sisterhood Project

2) Global Development Committee

  • Supporting development of underdeveloped nations
  • Supporting China’s yellow dust prevention, Mongolia Gobi Desert Forest Project etc.
  • Appropriate technology development and support

3) Youth Corps

  • College students exchange
  • Volunteering projects to underdeveloped nations

4) Northeast Asia Peace Committee:

  • Activities related to contribution on Korean Peninsulas reunification’s peace and prosperity. to gain understanding and support from Asian countries
  • North Korea Humanitarian Support
  • North Korean Defectors Settlement Support
  • Humanitarian support towards North Korea’s disadvantaged class

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