Ministers Ross and Fearon Address Global Peace Leadership Conference Belfast 2016

Global Peace Foundation
September 20, 2016

Northern Ireland offers Peacebuilding Lessons to Global Community

Northern Ireland Executive Office Junior Ministers Alastair Ross and Megan Fearon addressed the Global Peace Leadership Conference Belfast 2016 detailing the progress of the ‘Together Building a United Community’ (T:BUC) strategy, a plan issued by the Executive Office of Northern Ireland in 2013 that seeks to improve community relations and work towards a more cohesive shared society in Northern Ireland.

“Northern Ireland has come a long way since the dark days of our past. The Northern Ireland Executive’s T:BUC strategy sets out the roadmap to build on the significant progress to date and achieve our vision of a united and shared society.” Junior Minister Ross described the significance of the T:BUC strategy. “I hope our experience, the actions in the strategy and our many successes will help inform and influence a global audience on how to create a better and peaceful future.”

Junior Ministers Ross and Fearon with conference organizers.

He also commended the significant efforts of the conference. “We must all continue to strive for peaceful solutions to complex situations. Today’s conference provides a great opportunity to discuss, share experiences and learn about conflict resolution and peace building.

Junior Minister Fearon expressed her optimism of the global exchange. “I hope our progress and successes here will help inspire other areas in conflict to learn from our experiences and find peaceful solutions.

“All conflicts are unique and resolution does not happen overnight; it is a journey.  Conversations like those at the Global Peace Foundation Leadership Conference play a very important role in guiding us on that journey.”

She expressed the Executive Office’s commitment “building a more united, shared and reconciled society” and in that vein has allocated close to £20 million this year to advance the T:BUC strategy.

The Global Peace Leadership Conference Belfast 2016 was held at Queens University in Northern Ireland from September 10-13.


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