Millennials Peace Festivals Inspire Youth Across Indonesia

Global Peace Foundation
January 4, 2019

Thousands of students, young leaders and experts from over twenty schools, NGOs and government agencies participated in a series of Millennials Peace Festivals hosted at locations across Indonesia since September 2018. Campaigning for peace and anti-radicalism, the festivals feature expert panels, Q&A, diverse discussion groups, and even tours of the many local religious institutions to encourage a deeper understanding of differing views.

Youth participated in Peace Circle sessions as a means of discussion to share knowledge and create concepts for anti-radicalism campaigns that fit the millennial generation. The festival included various competitions and activities like painting kites to channel ideas and creativity on peacebuilding, traditional games, board games from Peace Generation, and other artistic performances.

Map of Millennials Peace Festivals around Indonesia

Map of Millennials Peace Festivals around Indonesia

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