Midnight Football Offers Opportunities and Second Chances

Eric Olsen
July 25, 2013

GPF Malaysia’s Midnight Football is building bridges, empowering youth, and giving second chances to teens and their families.

Midnight Football posterTeens who had problems in school are finding their way back into the classroom with new drive and vigor. Azimie Ahmad from Midnight Football’s first season was expelled for fighting, but through the support of Midnight Football, he was re-enrolled.  Ahmad, aka Hot Little Chili, told AFC, “I am a new man now.”  The program is also bringing together the Chinese, Malay and Indian communities.

But, participants aren’t the only ones benefiting from Midnight Football.  Midnight Football is closing the generation gap and building community. In addition to cultivating the teens, Midnight Football connects parents and children through parent workshops.

Just like the teens, families are given opportunities and second chances.  Puan Jamila, mother of Nur Azreen, a Midnight Football participant said of her daughter, “She has become a responsible daughter, and most of all, our relationship has grown and she cares for me very much.”  Another mother, Ean Bee Hua, praised the program’s social responsibility activities. “MF is a commendable program because it educates the children to be more community-oriented instead of being stuck in the bedroom studying but doing nothing else that is useful.”

With a deepening sense of ownership, participants are serving the community through projects such as Midnight Football Season 3’s neighborhood cleanup project on July 5th. Midnight Football parents and participants, Malay, Chinese and Indian, cleaned San Peng, a lower income residential community.

Due to poor sanitation systems, the neighborhood was littered with trash.  Midnight Football displayed the power of ownership, teamwork and community. The event reminded Dr. Su Thye that “youth can and will rise to the challenge if they are empowered and given the chance.”

Midnight Football is bringing hope to underprivileged and challenged youth and communities; and their efforts are being recognized. Recently, soccer equipment brand FIGOS became a brand sponsor of Midnight Football.  Mr. Tang Kok Wai, the Managing Director of FIGOS said, “If you get the right target of at-risk youth, this program is really going to impact everyone.”

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