Manilatimes Covers Hyun Jin Moon’s Speech for the Economic Forum

Global Peace Foundation
March 2, 2017

Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon, founder and chairman of the Global Peace Foundation joined international economic experts and business leaders including H.E. Nicolas Ardito Barletta Vallarino, Former President, Republic of Panama, Former Vice- President, World Bank for Latin America and the  CaribbeanKartikeya Sharma, Managing Director, iTV   MediaYoung-Hoi Lee, Former Managing Director General, Asian Development Bank  and Jose Luis Yulo, President, Chamber of Commerce of the Philippine  Islands at the Global Peace Economic Forum 2017 to address the challenges and economic opportunities presented in the Asia-Pacific regions.

The Manila Time writes:

GPF Founder and Chairman Hyun Jin Preston Moon told delegates of an ongoing international peace convention in Pasay City that for a nation to achieve sustained economic prosperity, it should have a free economic system anchored on innovation and entrepreneurism.

Moon added, that nation must, at the same time, be governed by sufficient regulatory and enforcement mechanisms that compel everybody to behave in alignment with the country’s societal values and levels the playing field for all its citizens.

The government, he stressed, should do away with the so-called “closed system” that only benefits those with influence and social access, while the “little guy” with greater idea and huge dreams never has a shot to participate in any meaningful way.

Moon put forward a reminder to delegates of the four-day convention at Mariott Hotel in Pasay City: There are no shortcuts in life, and for a country to achieve a sustainable, equitable and prosperous economic system, there has to be people of conscience first, whose collective decisions advance the greater good as opposed to benefiting only a few.

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