LEAM Music Project Inspires Youth Leaders to Build up Brazil

November 2, 2018
Eric Olsen

By Naomi Yakawich

The LEAM (Leadership and Development by Music) cultural project was first initiated by Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Brazil in December of 2016 and since then has brought communities together in Goiania and beyond. With bands, chorals, drumlines and more, LEAM involves teachers, community leaders, students and their families in creating music, creating moral and innovative leaders, and creating a sense of community as one human family.

The musical groups are largely made up of vulnerable youth in the community who receive scholarships from LEAM to attend the music program. Funded by the local and international community, these contributions make it possible to bring in youth who would otherwise be susceptible to poverty, drugs, and gang violence. 

With the uncanny ability to bring people together, music provides young people with the opportunity to develop teamwork, self-esteem and ownership, all while creating an auditory masterpiece as a band. Through the LEAM academy, students are taught that teamwork applies to life beyond peer groups, expanding into the family and society. 

LEAM band rehearsals
Students and band director, Mr. Edenivan de Deus Santana, during a LEAM rehearsal

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