Leaders of Modern Paraguay Discuss Safety, Equality, and Democracy at Historic Gathering

Eric Olsen
April 17, 2012

Jose Altamirano speaking at a workshop called, “Democracy, Inequality and Citizens’ Security” in Asunción.

Paraguayan leaders who have played a major role in advancing the democratic process since the fall of the Stroessner dictatorship in 1989 held a historic, high-level workshop, “Democracy, Inequality and Citizens’ Security,” in Asuncion on April 12, 2012. Organized by the Instituto de Desarrollo del Pensamiento: Patria Soñada (IDPPS) and Global Peace Foundation, the program included former Presidents Juan Carlos Wasmosy, Luis Angel Gonzalez Macchi and Raul Cubas Grau; former Vice President Julio Cesar Franco; and former foreign ministers, attorney generals, and commanders of the Paraguay armed forces. The U.S. and Brazilian embassies also sent representative observers.

The meeting sought to build consensus on a range of proposals for government action to promote safety and security, social equality, and democratic governance in Paraguay.

Following discussions among four working groups, a summary of recommendations were presented from which a final document will be prepared and signed by all participants. The document will be presented to presidential and congressional candidates running for office in next year’s general elections, who will be encouraged to adopt the proposals as part of their official platforms.

Considering that each of the participants played a major role in Paraguay’s movement from dictatorship to democracy and have in some cases been severely criticized, the spirit of the program from beginning to end was cordial. Everyone without exception expressed gratitude to IDPPS for inviting them to be a part of the historic gathering.


A group shot of the high-level workshop, “Democracy, Inequality and Citizens’ Security” in Asunción.

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