Korean Women’s News Covers Global Peace Women Leadership Conference in Seoul, Korea

Global Peace Foundation
November 10, 2014

The following is an unofficial translation of an article that appeared in the Korean Women’s News covering the Global Peace Women’s Leadership Conference held in late October in Seoul, Korea.

GPW hosted Women Leadership Conference for Social Transformation

Jasmine Lee, Saenuri Party National Assemblywoman

‘Global Peace Women Leadership Conference’ was held at Ye-In Hall, Sejong Cultural Center on September 24, 2014. This conference was organized by GPF and GPW and sponsored by Seoul Healthy Families Support Center and SFP.

This conference’s theme was ‘Women’s Leadership in Social Transformation through Family Values and about 100 Koreans and Filipino participants including 36 Philippine women leaders attended. They sought women’s leadership which could lead social transformation through building coalition.

Dr. Jun Sook Moon speaks at the Women’s Concurrent Session during the conference in Korea.

Jasmine Lee, a member of Korean National Assembly who is the chair of countermeasures against domestic violence committee, emphasized the necessity of cultivating women leadership among Korean-Philippine women in order to lead multi-cultural society. And she urged to pay more attention and interest in this issue in order to reduce social conflict and social cohesion through education for the children of multi-cultural families.

Dr. Jun Sook Moon, chairwoman of GPW, emphasized the importance of a spiritual movement based on a vision, principles and values which can provide a solution to family breakdown on the global scale. She urged all women as mothers to take charge of reviving cultural education of living for the sake of others within families in order to protect basic human relationships from materialistic and consumption-oriented culture. 

The conference concluded as Dr. Nona S. Ricafort, Professor Hwa Kyung Jang, and Diann Dawson from USA proposed empowering role of women and strengthening families and communities in order to resolve social issues like marriage, birthrate and aging.


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