Korean Enthusiast: One Korea Global Campaign in Kenya

February 3, 2020
Global Peace Foundation

Ms. Siham Abdikadir is the founder of ‘koreanenthusiast.com,’ a blog that celebrates and promotes Korean culture in Kenya. Inspired by the One Korea Global Campaign, activists for reunification on the Korean peninsula came together to conclude 2019 (the 100th anniversary of Korea’s March First Independence Movement) with a festival that supports and spreads awareness on the importance of peaceful reunification.

The event featured a forum for discussion on how to support the campaign, help defectors from North Korea, and create peace in the Northeast Asia region and world. Kenyan youth were able to engage in a dynamic Q&A session and be a part of a platform to create cross-sector alliances and youth-led initiatives to build international support for reunification.

The festival even held a “Mini One K Concert” featuring local artists who donated their time to perform K-pop and sing the One Dream One Korea song.

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