“Korean Dream: Resolving Division, Fulfilling Destiny,” Keynote by Dr. Hyun Jin P. Moon

August 29, 2020
Global Peace Foundation

“Religious freedom is a foundational human right [and] core issue of our time that will shape the future of human societies, including the prospects for Korean unification and the character of a unified Korea,” says Dr. Hyun Jin P. Moon, chairman of the Global Peace Foundation. Stating that “religious freedom is essential to human nature and pursuit of a moral, purposeful life. Every person has the right to follow their conscience and seek truth, free from the dictates of any government.”

Emerging from division as a new nation, a unified Korea “must be rooted in a firm foundation of universal spiritual principles and moral values,” Dr. Moon said. “These form the essential bedrock for true liberty. Hongik Ingan—living for the greater benefit of all humanity—is the founding aspiration of the Korean people, and . . . it represents the original ethical and moral compass of the Korean nation and Korean identity.”

Full speech transcript here.


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