Korea Proposes Increased Infrastructure Development to Boost Development

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June 18, 2014

The following is an unofficial transcript, the original article appears in Spanish. 

Alliance. Korea offers its experience to Paraguay

Paraguay must manage the construction of infrastructure such as airports and routes. While it has the highest dam in the world and is an excellent agricultural exporter, it has no infrastructure (transportation and possibility to reduce logistical costs) to improve the standard of the quality of life and improve the potential success of the country, said Woo-Hyun Cho, former Minister of Construction and Transportation of Korea.

“Paraguay must expand roads, railways and airports urgently to improve the quality of life of its people and its potential as a country. It should map out a master plan for infrastructure development and secure exchange among professionals whereby Korea can share its know-how and its economic, technical models and field experience, “he said.

Son Hak-Lae (former president of Korea Expressway Corporation and the Korea Rail Network Authority) explained how in addition to national projects like the building of national expressways 2 and 7, the corporation is working with KOICO to provide important construction projects to developing countries.

The first international symposium held yesterday, on developing partnerships between Paraguay and Korea reflected and learned about the various activities that contributed to Korea’s current industrial vitality and achieve mutually beneficial economic exchange.

For the original story in Spanish: Ultimahora: http://www.ultimahora.com/corea-propone-mas-infraestructura-impulsar-desarrollo-n804492.html

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