Interfaith Roundtable Supports Religious Collaboration in Nigeria

Naomi MacMurdie
September 19, 2023
HRH Tobias N. Wada giving a goodwill message at the event.

HRH Tobias N. Wada giving a goodwill message at the event.

Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Nigeria held a roundtable discussion on July 7, 2023, to encourage interfaith dialogue and collaboration on the topics of religion and politics in Kaduna State. The event was jointly organized by the Provincial Secretariat in partnership with GPF Nigeria and supported by Caritas Nigeria.

The religious roundtable aimed to promote dialogue, understanding, and tolerance among different religious communities in the region. The discussion provided a platform for prominent stakeholders, scholars, religious leaders, politicians, and civil society representatives to exchange ideas, address challenges, and suggest solutions to mitigate religious and political tensions in Kaduna State.

During the event, Rev. John Joseph Hayab, the Country Director of GPF Nigeria, delivered remarks urging participants to prioritize unity and inclusivity in their approach to addressing religious and political issues in Kaduna State. He emphasized the transformative power of dialogue and highlighted the essential role of religious leaders in promoting peace and harmony.

A man is speaking at a meeting about human rights during an Interfaith Roundtable supporting religious collaboration in Nigeria.

GPF Nigeria Country Director Rev. Hayab making his speech at the roundtable discussion

Rev. Hayab emphasized that the roundtable discussion represents a significant step toward building bridges between religious communities and promoting social cohesion in Kaduna State. “It is crucial that we recognize the shared values and aspirations that unite us, rather than focusing solely on our differences. By engaging in dialogue and collaboration, we can cultivate an environment where religion and politics no longer stand as divisive forces. It is disheartening to note that some politicians are agents of destruction and divisive for they can utter incendiary comments capable of setting the state on fire despite decades of peacebuilding efforts and success recorded.”

Rev. Hayab added that religious leaders have a unique opportunity to drive positive change by advocating for peaceful coexistence and providing guidance to their respective communities. “I urge all stakeholders present here today to embrace the messages of harmony and unity from this discussion and take concrete steps to implement the proposed strategies within your respective domains. By working together, we can create a prosperous and peaceful Kaduna State where the voices of all communities are heard and respected.”

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