Interfaith Leaders Convene in New Delhi to Prepare for Global Peace Leadership Conference in December

Eric Olsen
September 9, 2014

Various religious leaders from around India held their Interfaith Leaders Forum at Hotel Connaught, Connaught Place, New Delhi on Tuesday, September 9, 2014. With its theme “Peace and Harmony through Interfaith Partnerships,” forty-six leaders gathered and discussed Inter-religious collaboration with views into building and strengthening alliances among faith leaders in order to mitigate conflict and advance social cohesion.

The Global Peace Foundation, an international non-profit organization intended to promote world peace and cooperation under the vision of “One Family under God,” advocates a new view of interfaith cooperation, calling on religious leaders to move beyond mere tolerance by affirming the universal Interfaith Peace principles common to all faiths for building Harmonious Society.

The meeting follows a resolution made and signed by the leaders. In summary, the resolution promotes cooperation among faiths to step beyond traditional boundaries and collaborate with shared responsibility to promote ethical societies based on shared principles and values acknowledging that all human beings are ‘One Family Under God.’
The group has also committed itself to meet again at the upcoming Global Peace Leadership Conference to be held in December 2014 wherein leaders from all walks of life particularly religious leaders will gather together to build a multi-sector alliance for peace and harmony.

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