Inteck Seo Inaugurated as Second President of Global Peace Foundation Korea

Eric Olsen
July 28, 2014

Leading Political and Civic Leaders Congratulate Incoming President, Commend GPF Korea for Leadership in Advancing Korea Reunification

Mr. Inteck Seo was inaugurated as the second president of GPF Korea, succeeding Kyung Eui Yoo, at an inauguration ceremony held on July 22, at the Baekbumgimgu Memorial, Conference Room, in Seoul.

In a welcoming address, Seoul Metropolitan Mayor Wonsun Park recognized GPF’s work with foreign exchange students, citing improved relations with citizens of Seoul and foreigners residents. “I congratulate Intaek Seo’s inauguration as second president of GPF Korea from the bottom of my heart,” he said.

In congratulatory remarks Jaeyun Kim, representing the New Politics Alliance for Democracy, said “I believe President Intaek Seo is a prepared leader who will realize the reunification of our country and world peace.” He noted GPF’s central role in supporting Korean reunification, mentioning President Park Geunhae’s remarks from early this year that “unification is a jackpot.”

Cheolgi Lee, National President of the National Advisory Council, also commended the efforts of GPF-Korea. “GPF Korea is in the frontlines of establishing the peaceful reunification of North and South Korea. It is investing all of its expertise and capacity into creating a world where everyone can live in happiness, harmony and mutual understanding.”

“I believe President Intaek Seo is a prepared leader who will realize the reunification of our country and world peace,” – Jaeyun Kim,  New Politics Alliance for Democracy

Gapsan Lee, representing the Korean NGO Association said, “GPF is not just any organization, it is a worldwide NGO.” He called on other NGOs to join the growing global coalition.

Global Peace Foundation senior Vice President, Youngjun Kim emphasized GPF-Korea’s role as a catalyst for cultivating vision and leadership that will define Korea’s future. “The leaders of the twenty-first century have to become the ones that live by universal principles and shared values,” he said.

In his inaugural address, Intaek Seo said, “GPF’s vision of ‘One Family under God’ is a powerful vision that when realized can bring an end to war and conflict and substantiate peace.”

President Seo touched upon the goal of North and South Korean reunification.  “To reach the destination of reunification, we must first have a great vision. The Korean Dream is not just about becoming an economic powerhouse, it is about establishing a moral nation that carries on the ideals of hongik ingan and upholds the nobility and value of each person.”

“We need a vision not just for South Korea, a national vision that aspires to create a new nation united with North Korea.” President Seo said, “The Global Peace Leadership Conference this year will be an event where such a vision for reunification will be declared.”

The inauguration was covered by Korean News outlet NewsIs.

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