In Memoriam: Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Father of Global Peace Foundation Chairman Hyun Jin Moon

Eric Olsen
September 6, 2012

The Reverend Sun Myung Moon, father of Global Peace Festival Foundation Founder and Chairman Hyun Jin Preston Moon, died in the early hours of Monday morning of complications arising from pneumonia at a hospital near Gapyeong, outside of Seoul, Korea. He was 92 years old.  Dr. Moon offered the following tribute to his father’s life and vision:

“My heart grieves as a son for the passing of my father, but I am comforted in knowing that his indomitable spirit and enduring legacy will live on in the memories of the countless people he has touched through his visionary ministry.He lived a remarkable life, and it is important for us to honor that life in the proper way.

Some people, including many of his followers, see him merely as the founder of yet another church. But his vision is so much greater than that. He committed himself and his entire foundation to the providential mission of building a world of peace and reconciliation, centered upon the vision of One Family under God. His aspiration was for a global God-centered family rooted in universal principles and the value system of True Love, a selfless love manifested as ‘living for the sake of others.’

The most fitting tribute to my father is to create a living monument to the dream which inspired his life. His visionary and pioneering life is like a foundation stone upon which others must now build, continuing the efforts he began with the same passion, commitment and zeal. That is the best way, I believe, to honor his life and consecrate a fitting legacy to a life which has given so much.

As a son, who has taken to heart the meaning of my father’s life and teaching, I dedicate myself to continue this work together with all those who have been inspired by the vision of “One Family under God” and the ideals my father lived for.”

I mourn the passing of my father but I know that his spirit and legacy will live on forever. His vision inspired so many forward-thinking people to see beyond the barriers that divide humanity – be they national, racial, or, most of all, religious.”

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