In Loving Memory: Gaytri Rai

Global Peace Foundation
May 20, 2020


Mrs. Gaytri Rai (67), cherished loving wife to Dr. Markandey Rai and a truly dedicated mother to her son Siddharth passed away on Monday, May 11, 2020, after experiencing a heart attack following her daily routine of prayer and service in her home.

The Rai family is performing Hindu rituals at the Ganga River at her home village near the holy city Benares where she was loved by so many people.

Gaytri was a joyful, uplifting presence at many Global Peace Foundation international endeavors of service and peace. Her profoundly deep love of family was a source of great inspiration to many others around the world engaged with Global Peace Women.

Illuminating Gaytri’s path was her deep devotion to God in her early morning Puja prayer rituals each day and the joyful, quiet faith and confidence that shined in every interaction with all whose lives she touched.

Dr. Markandey Rai, her devoted husband, has served on the Global Leadership Council since the founding of the Global Peace Foundation and as President of the Global Peace and Development Service Alliance. He has served as a senior officer to United Nations Habitat and a university chancellor since they returned home to India from Nairobi Kenya. Gaytri stood alongside him each step of the way, offering comfort and unconditional love and bringing joy to all in Africa, India, and around the world.

Their son Siddharth was the true joy of Gaytri’s life. Sid, an accomplished pilot, graduated from Embry-Riddle University in the US and he and his wife Kishala live in Columbus, Ohio.

May God bless Gaytri’s soul and may the memory of her joy and love provide inspiration to families and those who serve throughout the world.

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