How Does One Nurture Their Creativity for Great Results?

Global Peace Foundation
December 1, 2012

Nurturing Character and Creativity for Great Results Break-Out Session

Moderator, Tony Devine, Ed.D., Director of Global Peace Education; Mark Hyatt, CEO of Character Education Partnership; Dr. Asmat Khalid, Minister of Education for Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq; Mr. Geoffrey Cherongis, Nairobi County Director of Teachers Service Commission at the Ministry of Education in Kenya and Mr. Arnold Kashembe, the Research and Program Development Director of the Irish Peace Institute at the University of Limerick conducted an educational break-out session to convey their answers to that question.

A common theme of the panel was the importance of character building and honing in on desirable life traits. Motivation, focus, dependability, an upstanding moral code and aspiration to improve were prevalent among these traits. Incorporating these characteristics into education and embracing creative expression are the keys to unlocking the best results in future generations of peace activists.

Ministry of Education of Kenya and Kurdistan visit school in Atlanta

Mr. Arnold Kashembe presented the Irish Peace Institute at the University of Limerick’s Linking Cities Project: Cross-Border Youth Character Leadership program, designed to uplift youth. The Project trains Master Facilitators in conflict resolution in school sports programs. “The perpetuation of peace through sportsmanship,” is an integral contribution to the communities it is in.

The Character Competence Initiative, an initiative founded by The Global Peace Foundation after the Global Peace Convention 2010 in Nairobi, aims to build character and creativity by planting trees throughout Kenya, marked with traits such as steadfastness, honesty and humility. The planter of each tree is committed to growing with the trait marked on their respective tree.

“Once you have good character, you have peace, and will be in a position to facilitate peace,” says Mr. Geoffrey Cherongis of Nairobi. Cultivating positive traits, sportsmanship and achieving a state of peace within one’s self is a start to the process of nurturing creativity for great results.

Leah Alexander, for firstClass, Inc.


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