Hope for Korean Reunification: Simon’s Story

Keiko Sometani
January 3, 2019

Simon Doleschal is as German as they come, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be part of the Korean Dream. A young professional studying in South Korea, Simon’s love for the Korean culture and his new-found Korean family inspired him to delve into the history of the 1919 March 1 Movement and a rekindling movement for reunification on the peninsula. Nearly 100 years ago, Korean citizens banded together in a series of peaceful protests to declare their independence from colonization; they yearned for a model nation of peace and harmony that could spread peace to the world.

Sadly, the March 1 Movement did not lead to an independent nation. Instead, it was extinguished by foreign powers and the hopes of restoring Korean identity and culture as a united nation ebbed for more than 70 years. Even more tragic, the aftermath of the Cold War left the nation divided, separating families in the North and South for many decades.

But Simon is one of many young people around the world who are joining in the spirit of the Korean Dream to rekindle the hopes of the March 1 Movement. Simon is a Global Peace Ambassador and part of the One Korea Global Campaign, a movement that is reigniting the unfilled hopes and dreams of the March 1 Movement and working toward the advancement of the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula.

Students from around the world participate as Global Ambassadors to bring awareness to Korean reunification

Students from around the world participate as Global Ambassadors to bring awareness to Korean reunification.

The Korean people in the North, South and diaspora are once again coming together in solidarity to lead the way in reuniting their homeland and establish lasting peace that will have ripples effects across the globe. However, they cannot do it alone; they need support from the international community including young people like Simon who is aspiring to do his part as a global citizen.

Find out how you can support the Korean people in fulfilling their long-cherished desire for the peaceful reunification of their homeland.

This article is about the One Korea Global Campaign, a popular movement to expand Korean-led grassroots initiatives and international support to advance the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula. The Global Peace Foundation is a founding member of Action for Korea United, a coalition of 900 civic society organizations in Korea that is spearheading the Korean-led efforts of the One Korea Global Campaign.  For more information on the campaign and the March 1 Korean Independence Movement 100 year commemorations visit: 1dream1korea.org

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