Hello K-pop’s Top 10 Reasons Why the One Korea Global Peace Concert in Manila Shook the City

Global Peace Foundation
March 7, 2017

Hello K-pop lists out 10 Reasons why the concert was one to remember for the ages.

Of course every star got their mention.

We like reason #10 best of all.


One K Global Peace Concert is not simply a concert where artists perform and fans cheer. More than the stunning line up the event laid down, the concert is part of a greater advocacy – the One K Global campaign.

It aims to promote the dream of a world peace that guarantees human rights and prosperity of all people. The campaign also seeks to push forward a “one Korea”, ending the conflict that makes the Korean peninsula the last divided nation in the world.

With this goal, the One K Global campaign collaborated with award-winning songwriters Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam to produce a global peace song inspired by the 1985 We are the World recording by US artists.

The global peace song was performed by the idols as the One K Global Peace Concert finale song. The concert line up gathered together on stage with the song’s producer as confetti filled the air of the arena, signalling the end of the concert.

For the full list of 10 vist:



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