Harnessing Solar Power for Clean Water: Nordin’s Farm

Global Peace Foundation
August 25, 2020

Nordin from Malaysia’s Kampung Cerampak village always wanted to have his own garden to provide vegetables for his friends and family. Unfortunately, he didn’t have easy access to water in his village and he had to carry heavy buckets of water multiple times each day to provide water for his garden and family. Doing this every day for years took a toll on his health after he was diagnosed with leprosy. As a solution, he used a petrol fuel water pump, but he gave up on it due to having to pay RM200 each month on fuel. However, earlier this year, volunteers from Global Peace Foundation installed solar-powered water pumps in the village as part of Laneige’s Waterful Sharing Campaign. Not only does this give the village easy access to water for their homes, but Nordin can also maintain the garden he always wanted.

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