GPW and GPF Nepal Empowers Women through Income Generating Skills

Tamami Jeon
April 7, 2022

GPW and GPF Nepal have jointly started a local initiative to empower local women with income-generating skills such as making candies of ‘Lapsi’ – a native fruit of Nepal. Made of a much-loved fruit of the Nepalese people, Lapsi candy-making holds much potential for Nepalese women. The program was conducted in collaboration with Kosis Enterprises on the 10th of November 2021, with 24 local Nepalese women.

Women around a bowlThe program acted as a small business incubator for women interested in starting a lapsi candy-making business. The participants learned about creating and keeping a business with the added help of technical and financial training. In addition, they also learned about the maintenance of safety, hygiene, and sanitation of food products.

Five women received a micro-grant loan to start their businesses. Hom Kumari, a participant in the program, expressed her gratitude and said “I am very happy to get this training and it is my first time attending such a program. […] From this year, I will start production in a commercial way. We have already registered our group of 24 women in the small and cottage industries for the purpose of fruit and vegetable processing. Not only as a producer, but I also want to be a trainer in the future and lead a group of women.”


GPW and GPF Nepal aim to empower more women through training, education, and skills development. It will continue collaborating with local organizations to reach more women and amplify its work and impact. 

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