GPF’s Journey to Light Up Ormoc City in Philippines for Christmas

Eric Olsen
December 27, 2013
In late November, the Global Peace Foundation pledged 4,000 solar lamps or the equivalent to the city of Ormoc. Congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez attended the Global Peace Volunteer Festival to receive the pledge.

Just last week the first shipment of All-Lights reached Ormoc City to aid recovery. A volunteer in the Philippines observed, “The typhoon took away a lot. But it also revealed faulty infrastructure. This is an amazing chance to rebuild to last.”

You can still donate to recovery efforts through All-Lights.

Track the journey of the lamps to Ormoc City:

Step 1: December 4th, processing the documents for the donation of Alllights Village solar lanterns and solar street lamps, women’s hygienic bands and children’s shoes to Yolanda Victims from Global Peace Foundation.

Step 2: Field assessment in Ormoc City on Dec. 6th.

Step 3: December 16-17 Clearing Customs at Cebu Port Authority.

Step 4: December 19-20th – LIGHTING UP Ormoc City! Two Ormoc City mountain barangays (Gaas and Cabingtan) hit by super typhoon Yolanda received 600 Alllights Village (AV) solar lanterns from the Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Disaster Task Force Yolanda. A solar streetlight was also installed in Brgy. Gaas (one of twenty locations of streetlight installation).Vincent Rama and Carmen Torres-Rama led the distribution of AV solar lights on December 20, 2013.

Step 5: Transporting to Ormoc City.

1,400 families more will receive solar lanterns in the mountain barangays of Ormoc.

You can make donations to the continued recovery efforts HERE.

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