GPF Nepal Supports Forums on Solid Waste Management, Covid Prevention

Emiko Perea
December 7, 2021

Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Nepal addressed approaches to solid waste management to help the environment and concerns with the spread of COVID-19 a during online forums in August.

Landfill in Kathmandu

Trucks offloading garbage at a landfill in Kathmandu, Nepal. GPF Nepal is working with government offices and volunteer associations to improve waste management practices. Photos by Tina Schoolmeester /GRID-Arendal resources/Creative Commons

On August 8, the Interaction on Integrated Solid Waste Management virtual forum hosted sixty representatives from the waste management sector. GPF Nepal collaborated with the Environmental and Cultural Volunteer (ECV) Nepal Science Olympiad to spread awareness of the problems faced by entrepreneurs in solid waste management.

A second forum on August 29 in collaboration with ECV focused on educating participants on the importance of waste segregation and bin composting. Twenty-three participants from different provinces joined the virtual forum.

Sorting bins

Sorting bins for recycling and solid waste management.

“I am glad to join this kind of program on solid waste management,” said Kushal Gurung, CEO of Windpower Nepal Pvt. Ltd. “I got a chance to learn. about the problems faced by other entrepreneurs in Nepal. I am also facing a problem selling my organic compost. I think entrepreneurs working on solid waste management should be united to solve this kind of problem.”

The Interaction on COVID-19 forum on August 20, in partnership with Youth Advocacy Nepal, gave information on Covid preventative measures, such as maintaining a healthy diet, and how viruses transmit and mutate to become highly infectious.

GPF Nepal has engaged experts in solid waste management in recent years to assist residents, municipal authorities, and entrepreneurs to develop sustainable environmental practices, such as separating organic and nonorganic waste, composting and vermicomposting, a process of using micro-organisms to turn kitchen waste into nutrient-rich humus.

Learn more about GPF Nepal’s efforts to support sustainable environmental practices at Nepal | Global Peace Foundation

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