GPF Leadership Conference Declaration for Peace and Development in Africa

Global Peace Foundation
November 11, 2013

ACKNOWLEDGING the sovereignty of Almighty God, the source of inalienable rights of all members of the human family, and the basis for the equality, dignity and intrinsic value of all people as One Family under God;

AFFIRMING the central role of universal moral principles and values that strengthen families, the basic building blocks of an equitable and prosperous society;

RECOGNIZING that without shared values there can be no peace: they represent a fundamental pre-condition to sustain development;

FURTHER RECOGNIZING that children and youth are positive sources of energy which can be directed towards developing competence to provide mentoring, volunteerism and selfless service to people;

AFFIRMING our commitment to the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights, the UN Millennium Development Goals, the African Charter, and the Sustainable Development Goals as well as new models of community-driven development;

We therefore, as African and international delegates from more than 20 nations with diverse cultural traditions, are determined to take charge of our destiny, and jointly proclaim our Resolutions to:

Article 1. Create a strategic platform to promote universal principles for peacebuilding and our shared values as One Family under God.

Article 2. Establish a joint mechanism for promoting moral and innovative leadership as a strategy for building Sustainable Peace for a Prosperous Future.

Article 3. Strengthen the Pan-African vision for promoting volunteerism and service through the African Peace Service Corps.

Article 4. Promote character and creativity educational programs to advance moral and innovative leadership, character competency and entrepreneurship as essential complements to intellectual development.

Article 5. Work collaboratively with the UN, government, the media, private sector and civil society organizations to promote innovative community-driven development and youth entrepreneurship initiatives.

Article 6. Promote interfaith, cross-cultural initiatives and innovative models that foster mutual understanding, respect, harmonious co-existence and peace.

Article 7. Promote Global Peace Festivals, regional and local forums as well as youth, sports, cultural and artistic projects as expressions of human solidarity.

Having understood and affirmed our commitment to further conflict resolution, development and sustainable peace, we hereby commit to support these goals and actions by affixing our signatures below and by forging innovative partnerships in the public, private and civil society sectors.

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