GPF Korea (Seoul South Branch) Hosts Korean Dream Lectures

Global Peace Foundation
February 3, 2015

140 local government, civil society and religious leaders in Seoul.

The Global Peace Foundation – Korea hosted a lecture, “How can we bring about Reunification,” at Seoul’s Yangcheon Naenuri Town Hall with around 140 local government, civil society and religious leaders on January 30, 2015.

In his brief opening remarks, Global Peace Foundation Korea President In Taek Seo emphasized the importance of a shared vision for reunification. “Reunification requires vision, which comes from the spirit of hongik ingan, to benefit humanity,” he said. “When that spirit can come alive, the vision of reunification, the Korean Dream, can be realized.” Global Peace Foundation International President Jim Flynn also attended the forum.

Kim Soo Young, Commissioner of Yangcheon District; Gil Jeong Woo, National Assembly Member, Saenuri Party; and Kim Ki Joon,  representing the New Politics Alliance for Democracy were particularly engaged in the discussions that followed the lecture presentations.

The lecture series is an ongoing program begun at the end of the 2014. Global Peace Foundation has been advocating a unique approach to the reunification of North and South Korea that stresses the need for a shared vision for reunification that can engage both policy makers and the grassroots in coordinated reunification efforts.

The next lecture is scheduled to be held in Cheonan.

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