GPF Korea President In Taek Seo Says Vision is Priority to Reunification

Global Peace Foundation
October 2, 2014

In the build-up to the Global Peace Leadership Conference in Seoul, Korean news outlet, Chosun Ilbo, interviewed GPF-Korea President Mr. In Teck Seo.

Mr. Seo emphasized the importance of a shared vision for reunification and the universal principles and shared values that serve as the foundation for such a vision.

“Before Creating a plan for reunification, we need understand the value of reunification and have a vision for reunification,” he told Chosun. “Recently, many people have been talking about reunification. However, they are talking about methodology. Before we talk about “how” we have to mold a vision and ideals of reunification that can be shared.”

The Global Peace Leadership Conference, which begins today under the theme, “Vision, Values and Principles for a Unified Korea,”  will focus on generating a consensus for a united Korea and present a vision that seeks to transcend the ideological division on the peninsula. Mr. Seo said, “In order to create a reunified nation, we have to first define the universal principles and values for reunification.”

He also talked about the need for grass-roots engagement. The conference will discuss ways to gain momentum for grass-roots engagement and highlight Korea’s role in the Northeast Asian region and world.

The original article appears here on GPF-Korea’s website.

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