GPF India: Improving Quality Education for All Through The Vidya Connect

Eric Olsen
April 9, 2021

In January, Global Peace Foundation (GPF) India continued its education program called The Vidya Connect (TVC), which aims to provide quality education for all.

Through its partnership with local NGOs engaged in childcare, TVC connects educators with children in remote locations, who would otherwise have very limited access to a good education. In this process, children and educators are given the chance to interact with people from different backgrounds and cultures, an important way to prepare future and current leaders to cultivate care and concern for others.

Weekly classes are held from Monday to Friday for students of the Rainbow Bosco Homes and Connecting Lives. The educators were equipped with a syllabus and have been working regularly to connect to the students.

Most recently, the educators have created new activities to better inform the students about current events and about ways to improve emotional stability, by creating awareness on concepts such as compassion, ethics, and humanity. The latter has been especially critical given the emotional and mental toll on families during the ongoing COVID global pandemic.

The students were engaged in group discussions as well as given the chance to review science documentaries and movies about the environment and peace.

One educator participant, Sumedha, expressed:

I am glad that I got a chance to teach Connecting Lives students as part of The Vidya Connect Project. […] I am thankful to GPF India for their efforts to help the wonderful kids of Connecting Lives. These kids are responding very well. I am [teaching] Mathematics classes, and I pray that I contribute my bit to help these kids!

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