GPF Central America Presents Scholarship Catalog to Expand Educational Opportunities

Naomi MacMurdie
October 19, 2022

Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Central America partnered with the Esquipulas Foundation to implement a scholarship program that is strengthening educational opportunities for youth in Guatemala, the Central American region, and Latin America.

On September 20, 2022, GPF Central America and the Esquipulas Foundation were joined by the Institute for the Development of Higher Education in Guatemala (INDESGUA) to present the Scholarship Catalogs for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Political and Social Sciences, International Relations, and Public Administration. The catalog facilitates students’ searches for scholarships and highlights the most complete alternatives at the best universities, filtered by country, language, and the offered benefits.

Scholarship Catalog presentations at the Universidad Rafael Landívar

The event was held at the Auditorium of the Universidad Rafael Landívar, where local and regional organizations had the opportunity to show their support for increasing scholarship opportunities for South American youth. Such organizations included the Consejo Nacional de la Juventud – (CONJUVE) (National Youth Council) in Guatemala and the Ministry of Youth of the Dominican Republic.

“Studying abroad changes our lives,” said Olinda Salguero, President of the Esquipulas Foundation and Representative of GPF Central America. “It allows us to grow personally and professionally at the same time that we discover more tools to better serve our community, the country, and the region.”

Luis Edgar Arenas, from INDESGUA, described the catalogs as a “strategic tool to help people fulfill their dreams.” The Scholarship Catalogs are a strategic effort by GPF Central America and the Esquipulas Foundation to generate more opportunities for youth in the region.

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