GPF Celebrates International Day of Peace throughout Nigeria

Emiko Perea
October 7, 2021

In commemoration of International Day of Peace this year, Global Peace Foundation (GPF) Nigeria conveyed the message of peace through activities in different regions of the country.

Nigeria GPF director Rev. John Hayab explained that the theme for the UN holiday this year, “Recovering Better for an Equitable and Sustainable World,” sought to help in the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, which devastated the world economy. He encouraged program participants to think creatively and to work together to help build up a healthy, sustainable world.

GPF Nigeria made multiple presentations to students at Nasarawa State University that promoted the ideals of peace and ceasefire. During the event, Rev. Hayab called for bandits, kidnappers, and insurgents to be sympathetic to humanity and to embrace non-violent courses of action.

“This program is commendable for as Muslims it will strengthen our peaceful coexistence and cohabitants with our Christians brothers and sisters.”

The Director Institute of Governance and Development Studies, professor, Andrew Zamani, thanked GPF for their dedication to create peace in Nigeria. He vowed to continue to spread the message of peace and coexistence in the university and surrounding communities.

In Kaduna state, GPF Nigeria hosted a Peace Ambassadors Football game to bring people from different ethno-religious backgrounds together. The thirty players between the ages of sixteen and thirty  included the village head, youth leaders and representatives from JNI and CAN, and other community members.

Community members were optimistic that the game strengthened the community and promoted peace among the groups.  “This program is commendable for as Muslims it will strengthen our peaceful coexistence and cohabitants with our Christians brothers and sisters,” said Alh Danjuma Musa, the Village Head of the Makera community.

In the South-south Region of Nigeria, GPF Nigeria launched the One Family Under God Campaign and held an award ceremony for 42 notable peace ambassadors. During the event, key stakeholders promoted deepening awareness for building a culture of peace. The peace ambassadors also gave presentations about national issues and lasting solutions that guarantee security and peaceful coexistence. The peace ambassadors were awarded as GPF Peace/Goodwill Ambassadors and given humanitarian service awards.

“The launching of the OFUG Campaign and the awarding of GPF Peace Ambassadors awards to the people of South-South region will not only encourage the awardees to do more but also challenge others to rise to the occasion in promoting peaceful coexistence in Nigeria,” said Commandant Aliyu Bature Garba. “This development will bring about peace to our state and the region as a whole.”

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