Global Peace Women Paraguay Teams Up to Promote Heart-Healthy Lifestyles on World Heart Day

Global Peace Foundation
October 14, 2014

Global Peace Women joined the Paraguayan Society of Cardiology to observe World Heart Day  (Día Mundial del Corazón), a day established by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Pan American Health Organization to promote heart health. According to WHO, coronary heart disease is a leading cause of death in Paraguay. The event in Lunque City, which drew more than 500 people of all ages, is part of a nationwide effort to encourage healthy active lifestyles.

Members of Global Peace Women – Paraguay took the lead in promoting healthy lifestyles for at the event. Global Peace Women supports women leaders through building support networks who that address grassroots and regional issues of peacebuilding and development.

With the Healthy Life Project, headed by Dr. Victoria Chaparro, also a member of Global Peace Women, Global Peace Foundation recruited over 200 student volunteers to support the event. Other representatives of Global Peace Women included Executive Director Lidia Edit Amarilla, Eloa Neuza Hamester, Rosani de Paredes, and Wilson Ruiz and his family.

Booths and activity centers offered nutritional advice, health check stations and sports and exercise stations, including a Tai Chi circle. The balloon sculpture booth was a hit, with children lining up to get their custom sculpted balloon.

There were multiple heart healthy activities at the World Heart Day observance in Lunque City Paraguay. Left: GPF Paraguay’s popular balloon tent was a hit with younger students. Right: A local Tai Chi school taught basic opening moves.

Global Peace Foundation – Paraguay provided a health information booth and promotion for the upcoming Global Peace Convention. This year’s Global Peace Convention will be hosted in Greater Asunción, and will highlight Paraguay’s course towards national transformation over the last five years. 

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