Global Peace Women Leadership Academy Featured Leader: Sandhya Acharya

Naomi Yakawich
August 25, 2017

“If we want peace in our society, we should start from our own family.”

Meet Ms. Sandhya Acharya, a passionate leader and graduate of the Global Peace Women Leadership Academy. Sandhya was enormously grateful to participate in the academy saying, “In the program, I did not only learn leadership skills, but also had the chance to apply those skills practically.”

This video shares her six-month journey with GPW Nepal where she played a key role in organizing and implementing several projects and education to help other young leaders and community members of all ages take ownership of the serious social issues she saw and decided to address in her community.

Sandhya helped touch the lives of many who were inspired by projects like the forum theater, an initiative using drama to bring awareness to gender-based violence, in which she performs as both an actor and narrator.

Moved to take ownership over social and family issues, Sandhya started a project called the Family Values Education Program. Once very shy, Sandhya now hopes to use her confidence, public speaking skills and new knowledge to inspire more young leaders to take initiative in their own communities and start making a difference today.

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