Global Peace Women Kenya Co-Hosts Peace Cocktail at Nairobi University

Global Peace Foundation
March 21, 2013

GPW Kenya in partnership with Nairobi University’s Women Student Welfare Association (WOSWA) and ‘I am Not My Tribe I am Kenyan’ hosted a peace cocktail at Nairobi University on the February 26, 2013 that attracted more than 50 women from the Nairobi campus.

University students and invited guests at the peace cocktail.

The cocktail was proposed by the Nairobi University WOSWA to introduce the “lulu” handbook for students that will focus on various issues relevant to young women on campus. The handbook will consider the role of young women in promoting peace and include career guidance, relationships in young women’s lives, economic empowerment, and self-image, among other topics.

Lulu is a Swahili word that means “pearl.” A pearl is a costly ornament, and young women on campus compare themselves to a precious jewel, which is valuable and preserved with great care.

Above: columnist and author Mrs. Jeniffer Karina; below: Ms. Hellen Kieni, founder of WOSWA and Guest of Honor.

During the cocktail speakers emphasized that women should turn their passion and creativity into profit through entrepreneurial ventures, and that women should love and respect themselves first.  Women were asked to suggest topics to be incorporated in the lulu handbook, and the event Chair, Ms. Nzilani Muia, said that the launch of the handbook will be beginning of greater things.

Ms. Hellen Kieni, founder of WOSWA, served as Guest of Honor and was accompanied by Tabitha Njoroge, former WOSWA Chairperson and founder of the Centre for Young Women and Girls. Mrs. Kieni advised women to refuse to cohabit, resist the enticement of free things in life, and leave the event with networks that will assist them in the future.

“Plan your life . . . failing to plan is planning to fail.”

– Mrs. Hellen Kieni, Founder WOSWA

WOSWA comprises all female students in the University of Nairobi and is the official mouthpiece for its members. Its mission is to bring out the best in every woman in the university and throughout Kenya by educating and mentoring, and through capacity building.  WOSWA encourages every woman to realize that they play a major role in advancing progress and effecting change in the world. Together with WOSWA, GPW will be at the forefront of empowering women in leadership in various roles.

Relationship coach, columnist and author Mrs. Jeniffer Karina also stressed the importance of setting standards and making right choices. She said that as young women they need to realize that for each choice they make there will be consequences.

Also attending the event were Ms.Debbie Ikaroot, Director of the Linda Amani Campaign;  Ms. Njoki Karuoya, Associate Editor at Standard Media Group;  Ms. Ida Nganga, Director of Leadership and Entrepreneurship and hub Coordinator of the Global Peace Foundation; and  Mr. Vincent Rapando, Director of Global Peace Foundation Kenya.

—Reported by Wendy Wakhusama, Global Peace Women Kenya

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